Acer XF270HUA Review + Measuring Data

All measuring data from the Acer XF270HUA review. Suggestions, questions, criticism, and new ideas? Post them in here.

ICC Profile here: upload tomorrow

Very important to the topic "the optimal OSD settings".
viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13&sid=a0b59eea8550 ... 4a485789ce

YouTube Review

Measured contrast, brightness and black point


Measurements presets



Measurement on optimal Settings




Measurement calibrated



UFO Testscreen / Scrolling Text Test / Chase Square Test / Eiffel Tower Test:

Ufotest: ... fotest.jpg

Scrolling text : ... olling.jpg

Chase square : ... square.jpg

Eiffel Tower : ... ltower.jpg


Homogeneity - Color temperature: ... orhomo.PNG

Homogeneity - brightness uniformity: ... hthomo.PNG

sRGB: ... s/sRGB.PNG

Review Updates:

Nothing yet.

Re: Acer XF270HUA Review + Measuring Data

Hello Lim

I bought the Acer XF270HUA so was wondering if you have a profile i can mess about with and also what OSD settings did you use? If you don't mind that it and would be much appreciated.

On another note when i have a browser open and the solid white background it looks as though there is a blueish tint on either side? should i be worried?


Re: Acer XF270HUA Review + Measuring Data

Hey man, I think I have the ICC profile still on my other PC - will take a look tomorrow, totally forget about. But I don't recommend it, in general, to use ICC profiles from other persons/ monitor units.
My Settings are just right here, but again, I would recommend using own settings because brightness, color temperature, and even gamma settings are personal preference (but I think Gamma 2.2, in general, is the best way to go) ... timal1.jpg

On another note when i have a browser open and the solid white background it looks as though there is a blueish tint on either side? should I be worried?
Well, I had this issue just that the right and left was a bit darker - Its probably because Asus monitors (or this monitor in particular) does not have the best homogeneity because of the LED placements. But maybe we just had back luck. I'm sure if you would order the Acer several times, some units will have more and other less tint on either side. You should worry if it disturbs you, otherwise, I wouldn't worry about.

Re: Acer XF270HUA Review + Measuring Data

Hey Lim,

nice to see you are still arround doing a nice job.
I'm still using the C24FG73, but I really get an urge to upgrade.
You can get the Acer XF270HUA for 399€ in Germany right now.
I know about the discussions and arguments, whether overdrive and FreeSync works or nut, thus I looked for new informations.

In your review you are saying, that overdrive does indeed work.
But what about those guys on the internet: ... st26268445 ... st20076617 ... st26101850

Was there maybe a firmware fix or something when you did your review?
Person also claim, that the blue hue setting does not work.

Why can't those manufactures finally release new versions of their FreeSync monitors... and the Nixeus EDG 27 is an US-only product.

Re: Acer XF270HUA Review + Measuring Data


Can someone please test the patterns on with this monitor?
Best to do it in full-screen mode (F11 key...).

Also with default/factory settings (or post your settings if they are customized).

On mine I get a strong green tint and horizontal shadows (at the black text box) on some of the patterns. See photo here:


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