The road to the perfect monitor

Especially as an high involved enthusiast it's not that easy to find your own perfect monitor. For this I want to create some guidelines in this forum as well as on my YouTube channel. I already have written down some topics but maybe you guys have also good idead to which topics I can create some guidelines. Remember, there is NO perfect monitor for EVERYONE. Each monitor has it's own pros and cons, which can differentiate from person to person!

Examples for this are:

- Is G-Sync / Freesync worth it? (For whom is it worthwhile? When and under what conditions is it worthwhile? Which alternatives maybe are better?)
- Guideline panel coating surface. (What effects do different panel surface coatings have on my gaming experience)
- Resolution vs graphics settings. (Example: WQHD with medium graphics settings with stable 100 fps or Full HD with maximum or better graphics settings with stable 100 fps?)
- TN vs IPS vs VA detailed Superguide
- 1 MS TN vs 4 MS VA: The difference?!
- 3 ways to reduce IPS Glow
- The power of daylight / lamps
- Clouding, Banding, IPS Glow, Backlight Bleed, Dead Pixels, Pixel Errors - differences and what can I do?

Thanks for your help 8-)

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Well there are also some "tricks" with massage etc... but the easiest way is
1. Use desk lamp(s) - Them more lamps them less Glow
2. Monitor brightness of course
3. Range distance to monitor
4. Height adjustment to the monitor (depending on: which corner has most glow - of lower right, then it helps to adjust in height a bit)
5. Loose the panel frame a bit with fingers / card
6. massage the display with a micro fibre cloth (but I dont tested this, someone told me his glow was drastically lowered)

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