What monitor reviews do you wish?

Hi Guys,

just for a quick overview for active users :) If you have any other ideas or suggestions, just let me know!

While i can't create a poll with more than 5 options, heres a small list.
VA 144 Hz Full HD 27" Monitors (16:9)
WQHD IPS 27" Monitors (16:9)
WQHD TN 27" Monitors (16:9)
Ultrawide WQHD VA Panel (100+Hz)
Ultrawide WQHD IPS (100+Hz)
Ultrawide Full-HD (144+ Hz)
Full HD TN 24" / 27" Monitors (144 Hz)
Full HD TN 24" / 27" Monitors (240 Hz)
4K 27" Monitors with G-Sync
4K 27" Monitors with Freesync
4K 32" Monitors with G-Sync
4K 32" Monitors with Freesync

Re: What monitor reviews do you wish?

First i want to say.. great work man! I watch you reviews and they are very informative and detailed.
Now i really want to see you review about AOC AG271QG with AHVA similar to viewsonic and others from what i hear but cost less.
I think it will be interesting to see if it's really worth to pay more if you can have the same for less hmm? :)

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